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Baltimore Hip-Hop Artist YFT Dell Freestyles
his Way to Stardom with “Recovery”

BALTIMORE, MD– Hailing all the way from Baltimore, Cordell Jimmerson has been going to the beat of his own music since he was young. Due to his dad owning a record label, it wasn’t before long that Jimmerson fell in love with the art, too. He’s known as Dell by his fans, and he’s making a steady bid to become the next hip-hop star out of his hometown. Dell makes it known that his influence comes from “real music”, as he grew up listening to The Temptations and Earth, Wind and Fire. With each song he creates, he makes sure to incorporate these influences, as they set him apart from the modern day rapper.

Once he started to figure out his footing in terms of how he wanted to pursue music, he started to favor Drake. Dell has dreams of collaborating with the artist one day, as he finds similarities within their sounds. “I would have to say my sound is a modern day, RnB hip-hop mixture. It’s always evolving, and I make sure of that,” said Dell. With setting a goal to become a well-known, mainstream artist, Dell, working alongside his engineer Kreata, ensures he’s always putting out quality music.

Since buckling down and becoming more serious about his career, Dell released two major singles, “Back Bone” and “We Just Wana”. His latest project is titled “Recovery”, which entirely showcases his insane freestyle abilities. “Everything was freestyle. I just punched in and Kreata pieced it all together. And when it comes to inspiration, I find it within the beat itself,” said the artist. In summary, the beat of a track sort of finds Dell, and he uses it to come out with music that is so artistically genius.

One thing that is so awesome about Dell is how open he is to all kinds of feedback. While “Recovery” has garnered positive feedback and attention, he always lends an ear to criticism. Looking ahead, Dell has major plans for himself, starting with owning his own label. It won’t be a surprise when we see him embarking on a tour and coming to a stage near us.

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