WordPlay A – Interview


WordPlay A laces modern new sound with veins of honesty

WEST HAVEN, CT – If there’s one thing you can always expect from East Coast rapper WordPlay
A, it’s that he’s always gonna tell it to you straight. He’s a straight-shooter. In fact, his
reputation for being blunt and honest is something he’s particularly proud of, and something
that he hopes sets him apart from many of the other rappers in the game.

That honesty will be put on display with his new EP, “Kicking Knowledge,” which is slated to
drop May 16. It’s a five-song EP that WordPlay said embraces the lyrical storytelling vibes of
some of the greats, such as LL Cool J and Slick Rick. But the difference in his stories is that he
holds nothing back – and that includes being extremely transparent with his own life.
“A lot of people will tell real stories, but they have to make themselves look cool in every
situation,” WordPlay said. “I’m really just being me. I’m not making anything up. I could have
added different things to my songs to make me appear more like a stereotypical rapper, but
instead I tell you everything. You learn about me through my music – not just what I want
people to think about me but the actual, real truth.”

The first single off the album puts that deep honesty on full display. It’s a song called
“Interview,” and it literally puts the listener in a scenario in which WordPlay is spilling his guts.

The concept for the song – which is also reflected in a music video that is available on his
YouTube channel – is of a guy sitting across from a woman in a bar trying to get her to like him,
and choosing to be completely honest with everything in hopes that she’ll be attracted by it.
“It’s basically an interview for love,” WordPlay said. “I’m sitting there telling her about myself –
telling her everything about me, all the good and the bad. It’s kind of upbeat, but still a love
song. And it’s raw. One of the things I said in the song is that I cheated on a girl in the past. I
also tell her that I only make $40K, which isn’t great in the rapper world. I’m literally telling her

Though WordPlay said he prides himself on not sounding like anyone else in the game, he
admits that he has been compared to Kanye West in his beginning years, as well as Kendrick
Lamar for his storytelling prowess. But unlike those artists, WordPlay said he likes to explore a
wide variety of topics and genres. Throughout his career he’s had conscientious music, party
music, Gospel music and trap music, among others. And through it all he has maintained his
dedication to bringing honesty.

“I just want people to relate to what I’m talking about,” he said. “I want to help other people
know there are others out there going through the same things – whether that’s being cheated
on, or feeling like a loser, or even times when you just want to have fun or whatever. Someone
else out there is always going through the same stuff.”

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