[Visual]- King Wayz – “Fan Of A Fan” @KingWayz_


King Wayz covers a lot of ground in his reflective and motivational new record “Fan Of A Fan” It is clear that Wayz has been through a lot. The themes on this record are explored in great detail and he transitions from one struggle to the next flawlessly. From growing up broke, doing jail time, family issues, and fake friends turned snitches there is a lot being said in less than four minutes. “The crips took me in, my momma kicked me out” Wayz raps to this hard hitting, bass heavy instrumental. As he looks back on the past he doesn’t dwell in his sorrows but rather uses his struggles as motivation.

A lot of rappers in Wayz position use their credibility as an opportunity to glorify the streets but Wayz is using his platform to inspire, he even provides a bridge at the end of the song where he stops rapping and talks to the listener urging them to keep their heads up, stay devoted, stay focused and stand for something. Wright Xang Films also does an amazing job of capturing the essence of King Wayz narrative in the video by not only displaying the flashy jewels and the Mercedes Benz but also showing the struggle of being broke with shots of Wayz sitting in an empty room with nothing but an air mattress and a small TV.

Wayz can be seen giving out food to the people in the neighborhood throughout the video which is also a good compliment to his narrative, it is clear that King Wayz wants to be an inspiration. Wayz has announced that his mixtape “Family No Friends” is on the way so expect more magic like “Fan Of A Fan” coming from the Minnesota emcee soon.

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