Video” G.A.R. – LeatherBand – @officialGAR @menace817 @Enew901


Kanye Wests’ song “Diamonds are Forever” made me never want to wear diamonds because it exposed the reality of blood-diamonds in Africa and the process of getting them in America. Although I did wear diamonds back in high school, as I got older I realized that I couldn’t because my conscience wouldn’t allow it. Fast forward to today; that was the major factor that led to the creation of my song “Leatherband”. Another leading factor was when my previous manager, who was a jeweler, expressed to me how if you flood a luxury watch with diamonds the value of the watch drops significantly. In addition to that, I don’t necessarily rock diamonds because I prefer the look ofprecious stones. Those three things were on my mind the day that my producer Frosty gave me the beat. I added a little sauce and then boom “Leatherband” was created.

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