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Tyro Da Savage gives fans an inside look at his
aspirations with new single ‘Dreams’

CHICAGO, IL – Every budding musician has a dream to make it big someday. Tyro Da Savage is no different, and he puts those dreams on full display with his new single, “Dreams,” which is slated to drop by the end of May.

Hailing from the north side of Chicago, Tyro Da Savage has been making music since 2010. But most of that music has been kept under wraps as he has worked long and hard to perfect his craft before showing it off to the world. Throughout all that work, Tyro has developed a unique sound and style that he said is oftentimes impossible for others to duplicate.

“I know I have something different to offer,” he said. “I come up with my own music and usually produce my own tracks, and I know I have a different sound because I always try to produce for other people and they can’t come up with anything on my beats – and those are the beats that I always have a whole guaranteed song built for.”

Tyro said he mostly rests in the rap and hip-hop genres, but he also likes to venture into rock and explore the fusion of those genres. His biggest influence is Kanye West; both because of how he produces as well as for the chances he takes as an artist. Tyro also points to Famous Dex, Rich Tha Kid and 21 Savage as other influences.

His new single, “Dreams,” is a song that’s about exactly what it’s title implies: following your dreams and never giving up. He said he hopes people hear it and are inspired to believe that they can have anything they want if they work hard for it.

“I’d have no problem being known for that kind of inspiration throughout my whole career,” Tyro said. “I want to be an influence on everyone. I want my music to be uplifting. I want people to feel it, and when they’re singing along I want them really believe what they’re singing. I follow my dreams and never give up and never let anyone else influence what I want to do. I dream about rapping in front of a lot of people someday, who are all rapping along and knowing every word to my songs.”

Tyro said he first became interested in music while in high school. A friend at the time
introduced him to the beat-making software Fruity Loops. He immediately went out and bought a laptop, and shortly after had mastered the art of engineering audio. Once he started getting into recording, he started writing music seriously. But it wasn’t until 2016 that he started releasing that music to the world.

“My music is more defined and I work on it a ton before I decide to put it out,” he said. “When I do release it, the music is already solid. I want to be comfortable with the song and the whole process before I let anyone hear it.”

Knowing that, fans can expect that “Dreams” will be a masterwork of Tyro’s skills. To listen to
his music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

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