Tina Brulé – BE CAUTIOUS Feat NOE & Fred The Godson


Ma Barker rises from the ashes of a dormant career and
re-invents herself as Tina Brulé

BROOKLYN, NY – The artist formerly known as Ma Barker is reinventing herself and, with the launch of two new singles, is ready to announce to the world that Tina Brulé is here to stay.

This multi-dimensional storyteller who previously was known for platinum-selling collaborations with artists such as Gerald Levert, Bun B and Uncle Murda, is the total package. Her own unique combination of voice, flow, cadence, charisma, looks, lyrics and image are set to put the music industry on fire. And in fact, it was a fire in a place called Brulé that inspired her desire to re-invent herself. Like a phoenix from the ashes of her previous career, Tina Brulé is rising high and ready to soar to new heights.

“When there was a fire to a building in Brulé, they had to let it burn all the way down and then rebuild,” she said. “That’s what I’m doing as an artist. At one point in my career I was No. 15 on the Billboards and had a lot of radio spins and had collaborated on a platinum album. I was doing stuff with major artists in the industry, but they were all more features than anything. Now I’m trying to build a brand as an artist with my own name.”

Tina Brulé’s music is original hip-hop. It is visual and creative, with nods to the classic hip-hop from the 1980s and ‘90s. In fact, it was the storytelling of artists such as Biggie Smalls, Kool G Rap and Tupac that first inspired her to pursue music as a career, and to this day fans can see
stories in her music and relate to those stories in powerful ways. One such song is her new single “Be Cautious,” which features artists NOE from Byrd Gang and Fred The Godson. It’s a song that puts lyrical content first – not only from Tina, but also from the two features, who are known for their lyrical expertise.

“This single is metaphorical and dope,” she said. “It’s one of those songs like back in the day hip-hop when people would sit around and listen to the lyrics. Today the music is different and more often than not you don’t even need to understand it. So how does a lyrical female who has content talking about something important stand out in a music industry like that and get noticed? I think it’s with a song like this.”

The other single from Tina Brulé is a jam that is sure to light up the airwaves when it is released later this summer. It’s a song called “A Movie,” and she likens it to the feel-good vibes of a single similar to Cardi B’s “I Like It.”

“It’s like you can party to it,” she said. “I can see people dancing on top of the bar in a club to this song. It’s feel-good music. It’s flashy – like you’re going to Dubai and having the money to get around and fly on jets. It’s more of the designer part of the my music, and about being my own boss and making my own money and building my own lane. It’s a real fun record. Radios will eat it up, and you’ll hear it in clubs and people will play it in cars while they’re riding because it just makes you feel good when you hear it.”

NOE is also featured on “A Movie,” and Tina said she hopes to continue to work with him moving forward as their “music together just sounds good, and when we work together we make hits and classics that will be remembered.”

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