[Single] Mari Martian – RYU (prod. by KATO) @LoveMariMartian


Mari Martian – RYU (Official Music Video) prod. by KATO

Video https://youtu.be/IlbTEmTyQ_w


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Director: @StarterCam
Music Production Credits: @KatoTheProducer @7ilent @HarlemTunes

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RYU- 👽🥋💥 prod by Kato (Lyrics)

Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Oh Yea
Aye Aye Aye Aye Oh Yea Oh Yea Aye Aye

Getting that center right aye
Getting that work in right aye
Getting that…in right yea
Getting them vocals right aye
Getting that core in right aye
Getting that hit in right aye
Getting that feelin right yeaaa…
Aye aye

Might know some stuff
but don’t know basic aye
It’s more to life than going crazy
Spinning daisies slowing down
And getting faded
you had chances you messed up
That’s why we faded
Build it up tear it down
Then renovate it
Now it’s Cold November’s with no Lazers
Every 4 minutes blackin like well maybe
I’ll shoot a txt,
she hit me up,
and then will make it
Aye gotta hit me up
And come and ride this wave
Drop a pin Plug me in
And I’ll come right a way
All this, hustle in my vitals aye yea
All this, drip run in my vitals aye
We can kick some Ryu aye
Spend a bag Oou that’s Hermès on you
Aye, never worried bout the things that I do
Nah, never worry bout the things that I do
Aye Aye
Yeah it gets crazy
How we recycle these waves
Stuck in ours ways
And now we hopped in Matrix
I’m not mistaken
know we make some mistakes
Ayo I made some mistakes
Girl you know life gets Brazy
I didn’t know this bond could fade
in the shadows like this/
I go hard
I made Daze
just for Nights like this
Through all the negatives
I just stayed light instead
Imma stay light instead
Light instead, light stead
Understand, you require
You a man,
That can stand,
All of your ways, Yea
All of your ways,
All of your ways, Yea
Still kick it Ryu
You can tell my shoes
All this drippin I do
Might lose
If you wit them Op dudes
Playin by the Op rules
I win ALL I That do
Still kick it Ryu
You can tell my shoes
All this drippin I do
Might lose
If you wit them Op dudes
Playin by the Op rules
I win ALL That i do

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