[Single] Gee Wiiz – Overtime [prod. @LeanBeatz_ ] @Gee_Wiiz


Charlotte-based emcee Gee Wiiz scores big with Overtime

Provided by The Zues James Agency

January 15, 2019

From opening line, (“I’ve been waiting my whole life…”), to the last one (“One day the world will be mine!”), Gee Wiiz immerses listeners deep into his hip hop drive and determination on his new single Overtime. No rhyme, lyric or line in the song are disposable; each word is accompanied by a saucy, audio tapestry that instantly invites bouncing, head-bobbing and shoulder-leaning. Gee Wiiz effectively has Overtime pull double-duty as a timely sports moral/metaphor, while simultaneously paying tribute to legendary athletes:

“…Yeeeah, I’m the Answer, hop on the beat, making money move just like a dancer, do it hella smooth, making people move with my words and my stanzas…”

Other notable tracks by Gee Wiiz include Ebony Thoughts and Entity. To hear more go to www.spotify.com and Search Gee Wiiz.

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