Self-Taught Cinematographer, Supa Dupaa Talks About New Projects & WE TV Video Premiere

By Derrius Edwards – @rawcommnc
Outstanding, marvelous, superb, are all synonymous to the word super. However, stoic is the one word that effortlessly defines the peculiar story of Supa Dupaa .
“Like, I started out with a Panasonic and a Mac. Now I have a RED cam and I’m premiering videos on TV, with no school.” — Supa
This self-taught cinematographer started at the bottom, literally got it out the mud as some people would say. Through hard-work and dedication, Supa has developed working relationships within the music industry and continuously works as if he has just started.
We all have the same 24-hours in a day. How you spend that time, plays a integral role in influencing the career path that many people choose to embark on. But when you’re presented with an opportunity to secure a bag doing something self-taught, something so purposeful, it makes the experience all the more worthwhile.
Tap in with us, as we experience Supa Dupa’s world through this over-the-phone interview where we discuss his inspirations, new projects and more.
Q: What makes you different from other cinematographers?
A: My mindset. No job too big, no job to small.
Q: What is your preference in terms of projects: TV, film or music videos?
A: Music videos my main business, but I’ve also enjoyed filming movies, short-films and reality TV shows.
Q: If you could turn back time, what would you do differently?
A: I honestly would have invested in a bigger studio sooner.
Q: How did you learn to shoot?
A: Self-taught and  YouTube.
Q:Who are your favorite shooters?
Q:What is your super power? 
A: My motivation and my way of thinking.
Q:What are  some obstacles you had to endure and how did you get over them?
A: Dealing with people that quit on you. Really, the only way to deal with that is to keep pushing, so I just kept pushing myself and working hard.
Q:How do you stay motivated? 
A: My children, my fans, my haters. I’ve been down before and I don’t want to go back to living like that.
Talk to us about your upcoming projects
A: I actually have a video I shot in Jamaica with Jhonni Blaze and Elephant Man set to premiere on Thanksgiving next week (November 22, 2018) on GUHH (Growing Up Hip-Hop) , so tune in.
Q:Who are some of your favorite artists?
A: Future , Gucci Mane, Lil Baby , Meek Mill,  YFN Lucci .
Q:What’s considered to be your “horror project” and what type of project is your “most hated”?
A: One of my video shoots in Harrisburg got shot up smh. Most hated type of project would have to be dealing with a artist that has no clue what they want to do, but also not open to suggestions.

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