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American music mogul Que Mussolini takes Asian market by storm

HONG KONG – According to the most recent census data, there are 1.4 billion people in China – making it the most populous country in the entire world. U.S.-born hip-hop artist Que Mussolini is hoping to make every single one of them a fan within the next five years. And he has just the kind of sound and style that could do it.

Little known to most Americans, hip-hop is a hugely popular genre in China. Three years ago, Que Mussolini decided to tap into that market and bring his original sound to that country in hopes of making a splash. The impact was almost immediate – with live performances and record purchases coming at him left and right. He’s been offered commercial deals for his music, has seen his singles get tens of thousands of streams overnight, and has become one of the more recognizable faces of hip-hop in Hong Kong.

“When I was in the U.S., people were already calling me Boss Mussolini because I bring structure and order and I’m good at the business side of music,” he said. “I left the U.S. and came to a whole different country and started from scratch. I came to China with only $2,000 in my pocket, and now three years later I’m a millionaire. I’m working on creating an international IPO. I’m making it big in the music industry and in the business.”

Que Mussolini has started his own production company called International United Union Music Group, with the hopes of bringing Asian and American artists together. His goal is to sell 150 million copies of his music and to build the brand so big that he becomes a global phenomenon. His five-year goal is to dominate the Asian market while venturing into Australia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and of course the U.S.

His most recent single, “50 In Da Blickey,” has been extremely successful in China – selling 11,000 copies in just the first day alone. It’s a song that he said represents an individual showing loyalty to their city and how they are willing to go the extra mile to protect the culture of a community that would potentially be neglected. Though Que Mussolini has reached a level in his career that he no longer needs to physically run the streets, he still pays respect to all that he had to go through and all the times he had to take action. That journey has taken him far, and as his music takes off, so does his business. Not only is his label helping other artists, but he’s also launched his own fashion line under the “Geek Gang” brand – an urban clothing brand that he said pays homage to all the geeks out there. His upcoming single, “Diamonds In My Denim,” – which will drop June 22 – was created to highlight that clothing line, which features a diamonds in the Geek Gang logo. It’s a song with a driving beat that makes you want to bob your head while enjoying Que Mussolini’s catchy flow.

“It’s a song that will be used in commercials,” he said. “It was mixed by Will Snyder, who is a five-time Grammy winning engineer. I know how to swag it, and it shows in this single – both in fashion and in my flow. It’s a song that talks about how I came to Asian and opened a store and my journey into the Asian market. I got my own sawg and everything. Most people in hip-hop follow the trends and try way too hard. I don’t try to be like nobody. I got my own cadence and my own swag. I started as an engineer – I graduated from AIU as an engineer – and got into rapping and it has taken off. I don’t even have to try hard out here because hip-hop is popping. Plus, I’m a businessman. I understand the economy and how money can flow through the industry. I consider myself a young P.Diddy – I’m not just a rapper, I’m a businessman.”

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