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Bedeviled Record Label Set to Disrupt Charts

Just a little background on the acts; Hugh has been living a thug life for as long as he can remember. Although he spends most of his time with a mic and a pen, his past is marred with countless misdemeanors and a prison sentence. Kryke, Yardcall, and Jook jones are gangster disciples. Kryke did time for selling powder on the streets.

More on the dark side, Yardcall, and Tony M Fountain are believed to be Freemasons. All the milestones that the record label has made since inception in 2011 are rumored to be as a result of occult involvement. Whether that is true there is only one way to confirm; wait and see the direction of their music.

Excluzive and Tony are an unlikely pair. The good rapport between these two is a bit baffling, given that a white man killed his father. SK, on the other hand, is said to have killed the guy in self-defense during a robbery attempt at his house. In his collaboration with Flotahdone, ‘Rite Now,’ in the second verse you can hear Flothadon say “boy I know real killers when I see them.”

Part 2 of the 478 Gang Mixtape is definitely going to be an interesting one as it will feature Yardcall and SK.

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