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Nikkoson Talks Growing Pains in Brand New Project

INLAND EMPIRE, CA – Hailing from Southern California, Nikkoson has been recording music since high school. It started out with the artist sort of dabbling into music, as he was focusing most of his energy on basketball. A talented player, Nikkoson received a scholarship to play basketball in college. However, he never let music stray too far in sight.

While in school, he also pursued engineering, which benefitted him in terms of recording. Before long, he found himself engineering his recording sessions- a true triple threat in the making. If you haven’t listened to Nikkoson’s music before, you’re truly missing out on his unique sound. “My sound, I would say, is real personal. It takes you through a realm of moods. It’s all about my mood of the day,” said the artist. Nikkoson finds it beneficial in relating to his fans, as he can form connections so quickly and genuinely.

Over the weekend, the artist accomplished something pretty major. Nikkoson released his newest project “Growing Pains”, which evolved over the past few months. After experiencing life’s hardships, or growing pains, he decided to detail his experiences through the new project. “There’s always a lot going on. I decided to take the energy and put it into a project. It’s about relationships, money, bills, social media. It’s really all about things I thought mattered, but I’m growing out of it,” said Nikkoson. As he put so much work into the creative aspect as well as the production, Nikkoson is really excited to see how it performs.

No matter where Nikkoson finds himself in his career, he never forgets where he came from. Being half Japanese is important to Nikkoson, as he uses these influences in everyday life, and especially in his music. “If I can get one or two people to be moved by my music, or get them through something, then I know I did my job. That’s it all for me-that’s what I do it for,” said the artist. He has big plans for the future, so fans will definitely want to stay tuned.

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