Mississippi Sensation Fly Rich Double Talks Country Rap, Lil Nas X, & Getting Signed


Make room Lil Nas X, your not the only buzzing Country Trap artist around these parts. Meet Mississippi recording artist Fly Rich Double. Currently accumulating over 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, the rising star is unstoppable right now with his hit singles “Big Boom” and “Yup (On My Tractor)”. Fresh off the release of his high-profile debut EP, the new sensation talks with us in a candid interview on his rise, how Lil Nas X helped his sound, and what’s next for the bonafide star.

“My goal as an artist is to show people that I’m actually versatile and that I can make good music,” Fly Rich Double says about himself as a new artist. Learn everything there is about Fly Rich Double below.

Watch Fly Rich Double Hit Video, “Yup (On My Tractor)”

Correspondent: Where does the name FlyRich Double originate from?
FlyRich Double: When I Was A kid my nickname was “Mike Mike”. As I grew, I felt like it was to kiddy to call myself “Mike Mike,” so I changed it to Double referring to “2” Mikes Fly Rich is just icing on the cake.

With a unique style of music, Tell us about your musical inspirations growing up?
I never wanted to be a rapper. It just happened one day and I got lucky.

If you could define Mississippi Hip Hop, how would you explain the southern style to the world?
Mississippi is one of the most underrated states when I comes to Hip Hop. Southern style music gives life to the soul.

While many may feel you are copying a wave due to the success of Lil Nas X, you’ve been making music a bit longer than the “Old Town Road” creator. Tell us about your musical background?
I honestly created yup on my tractor on accident. Lil Nas X made an incredible song and promoted right that is all.

Also known as the Trap Cowboy, how did you discover and design your own sound?

Growing up in Mississippi everybody is country. All you see is acres and acres of farmland. You grow accustomed to the country lifestyle if that’s all you grew up around.

Your biggest hit, “Big Boom” is both comical and catchy, how did the concept come together?
With the help of my little brother we created a master piece.

Did you know “Big Boom” was going to be a hit?
Honestly I did. I told my managers as soon as I finished writing it.

Watch FlyRich Double’s “Big Boom” Video

While there are some similarities, have you gotten a response, comment, or reaction from Lil Nas X on “Big Boom”?
Nope… When he signed his record deal the label made him unfollow me I’m pretty sure of it.

How’d you feel knowing some of today’s biggest recording artists like JuiceWrld are fans of your Country Hip Hop style sound?
It feels great for someone to finally just give me a chance just try something new for a change.

Do you feel Lil Nas X’s success to bring Trap Country to the mainstream benefits or hinders your success?
Success. Because people respects it more. Like these kids can make you a superstar who cares if adults don’t support you?

Stream Fly Rich Double’s New Single, “Firefly” now.

You just dropped a new EP, The Hickhop Album last month, tell us about the recording process for the project?
A very fun project to work on. Loved every second of it wish i coulda dropped more of my music but they’ll come on a later date.

How do you plan to maintain relevance with your musical style and not be considered just a 2019 facade?
I’m thinking about doing another album . And i have an idea to do a nursery song for kids… Stay tuned.

For more on Fly Rich Double, follow the rising star on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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