Get Familiar With Svnday, ATL’s Hottest New Artist On The Rise


As the 2018 calendar year is coming to an end, there has been an ample amount of new sounds coming out of the Peach State Atlanta, Georgia.

Baltimore native Svnday treats Atlanta like his second home, and the city has embraced the artist with open arms and a broken heart. But who would’ve known that a twist of the unforeseen would instill a level of creativity that permeates the New-Atlanta sound.

Spearheading the role as an artist on the rise  in 2019, Svnday has not disappointed in the slightest in dropping off 2 projects this year “See You Soon 2” and most recently “It Was Fun While It Lasted” .

Keeping that same energy and carrying that momentum into next year, Svnday has already mentioned a forthcoming project.

I want to reach as many people as I can and have my voice be heard on all four corners of the world. ” — Svnday

In this interview, we sat down with the artist to talk about his inspirations, influences and so much more.

Q:What makes you different from all the other artists coming out?

A: What makes me different from all the other artist coming out is my passion. Like even without
the money, I rap at a top tier level and I’m going to after I’m rich.

Q:Tell us about your project and the inspiration behind it.

A: This new project “Numb” is kind of like a sequel and a chapter closing on this part of my life that I’ve been in this year. This project is also completely inspired by the joy and pain in 2018. Me losing so many people, but to know they aren’t dead just makes me myself…Numb.

Q:Describe how growing up in Baltimore has shaped you

A: Baltimore made me everything I am. Made me completely aware of my surroundings, helped me read through people, made me tough and got me prepared for anything.

Q: Tupac was from Baltimore as well, did he inspire you at all & how?

A: Absolutely! Tupac inspired me in many ways. From my story-telling and showing versatility. The only tattoo I have is inspired by Tupac. 

Q: How has Atlanta influenced you?

A: Atlanta has definitely influenced me creatively. It also has been an experience on its own. I’m still trying to figure what all Atlanta has given me. I met my ex in Atlanta, that’s where a lot of the heart break and pain you hear in “It Was Fun While It Lasted” comes from. And I will be touching the topic again on this next project.

Q:What do you want to gain from your artistry, your music?

A: want to gain the ability to connect with people who I wouldn’t be able to without music. I want to reach as many people as I can and have my voice be heard on all four corners of the world.

Q: What musicians motivate you?

A: Musicians that motivate me would be Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Jay Z, and Nipssey Hussle.

Q: What’s next for you and what can we expect?

A: What’s next for me is “Numb” my next project, and you can expect a complete GM$T takeover in the year of 2019. 


By Derrius Edwards – @rawcommnc

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