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Indianapolis Rapper Fenaam Gears up for Release of “Links”

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – When you hear the word “phenomenal”, a few things may come to mind. Indianapolis native and rapper Fenaam can be added to that list, as he continues to make a name for himself in this industry. Initially, he got his start in music as he went around battle rapping in his neighborhood. As he continued to work with local artists in his community, he generated a ton of buzz, as people began to see what genuine talent he possessed.

When it comes to branding, Fenaam is very particular in how he presents himself to the public. Coming up with ideas to enrich his artistry is something he continues to focus on day in and day out. “I am fortunate enough to get a name from Andre Carson the senator. I branded myself and started working locally with up and coming artists. This collaboration is extremely important to me- it’s something I really enjoy doing,” said the artist. A man of his own business, Fenaam is also the president of his company, Legal Paper. Through this company, he strives to get music projects off the ground with his team. In his own words, they have something to say, and they want it heard.

When it comes to Fenaam’s sound, it’s centered on social awareness. Through his music and platform, the artist has made it his mission to shine light on issues going on in today’s society. “I thrive on issues taking place in the world, and it is my goal to bring social awareness to the world. When you hear my music, you may learn and take away something different,” said the rapper. With each song he puts out, he is bringing his own version of fresh air to hip-hop music in general.

Through Legal Paper, Fenaam promises to bring a newer style that people are going to be attracted to. On September 7, he will be formally releasing his single “Links”, which is available for pre-order now. It’s a Tupac inspired song, which brings nothing but hype to the listeners. From the artist’s perspective, it’s a “song that came about from inspiration from past rappers who took a fall”. Fans will definitely want to grab the single once it’s available. Stay tuned!

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