Cris Cola – Road Runner


Memphis rapper elevates minds with powerful lyrics
on new mixtape ‘While Wishing on a Star’

MEMPHIS, TN – There have been many words to describe Cris Cola’s music over the years, but his favorite is “revolutionary.” For years, he has drawn attention with his smooth vocals and thought-provoking lyrics that leave people mulling over what he said even weeks and months after first listening. When he raps, he makes things happen, and more and more people are paying attention all over the world.

His new mixtape, “While Wishing on a Star” is set to propel him in front of even more people. Featuring a collection of songs that he’s created over the last couple of years, combined with new music he’s recorded in the last couple of months, this project is one that Cris said should be heard. It’s the kind of project that gets under the listener’s skin that not only brings catchy vibes, but also provides lyrical content.

“I care more about the wordplay in my lyrics than most others in the industry today,” Cris said. “When you turn on the radio today, you can hear songs back-to-back-to-back and they all have the same tone and patterns and base of beat. I have always cared about lyrics and the essence of hip-hop, and as a student of hip-hop I’ve really studied how to rap and what it takes to care about the lyrics. I care about the art of it – my lyrics and my flow. I want to be original, not like the next man. And because of that, I don’t sound like anybody coming out of Memphis or anywhere else for that matter.”

True to his native roots, listeners will be able to catch a little bit of a drawl in his voice – a Memphis twang that is simultaneously raspy and smooth. When combined with his unique flow and ability to interweave lyrics in profound ways, Cris’ style becomes one-of-a-kind. This is perhaps best displayed with the debut single from the LP, “Road Runner.”

Described as a laid-back, soulful song, “Road Runner” examines different ways people are on the move in their lives. Cris takes a close look at the way people morals might change because of money and the innate desire to always move on to the next best thing. In some ways, it’s a song that is based on how he lives, the daily hustle of succeeding more.

“It’s an inspirational record,” he said. “It’s something you can put on to get your mind right and elevate you to the next level to go get that money however you can. That’s really what I want with my music – to be inspirational. If you listen to my lyrics, you get a message out of it. Really listen to what I’m saying and you’ll agree that it’s revolutionary. I talk about things I’ve been through and seen. Everything I rap about comes straight from my life. I’m talking about the same things other people are experiencing, but I’m doing it in a more fly way. Real music… Real life… No fairytales. No bull with it. I cut straight. I just remain being me – smooth and taking care of business.”

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