Bobby Duece – Money


Young entertainer highlights fast-rising career with new
single ‘Money’

LAS VEGAS, NV – It hasn’t taken long for Bobby Duece to make an impact on the entertainment industry. With only a few years under his belt as an actor and singer, already he has landed lead-actor roles in movies and had his music picked up for soundtracks and publicized by major labels, like Capitol Records. And at only age 20, this is just the beginning.

The fast-rising hip-hop artist is originally from Southern California but recently moved to Las Vegas to pursue wider opportunities. Over the years, he’s been an actor, recording artist, club host, promoter and owner of an entertainment brand called “All For The Family.” Most recently he landed the lead role in the movie “Tha Standard,” which is currently slated for a release on Netflix next year. The film tells the story of an upcoming artist from Atlanta who moves to the West Coast and blows up. One of the main songs in the film is a Bobby Duece original, which he also will perform live within the film.

“It’s a perfect fit for me because it’s a lot like my current life and the music in the film has the same kind of swag to it that I bring in my music,” he said. “A lot of my music is cool vibes that are made for the party scene. A lot of my lyrics are about getting money and having a good life, but ultimately my music is all about good vibes. I like music where you can speak your pain and get your stories out while having a good time.”

His most recent offering to the world of music is a new single called “Money.” It’s a club song with a hard beat that recently drew the attention of executives from Capitol Records. The success of the song is somewhat surprising to Bobby Duece, considering it was something that started off as a simple freestyle that he started over the top of a 6ix9ine song. But true to his style of music, the single grew to become about having a good time and enjoying yourself. And of course, it features his signature “Yeeeuh!”

“I say that word on all my songs and it’s catchy,” he said. “People can’t stop saying it. People mock it or copy it all the time. It’s gotten so big that I have it on shirts and clothing. It’s funny. When I was in the studio for the first time in Vegas I did it right off the bat, and the rest of the time the engineer just kept saying it over and over because he loved it. People do that all the time, and I’ve really become known for it. But more than that, I want my music to be relevant. I rap about things I have lived through or that I’m currently going through. I rap about my everyday struggles and the things that motivate me. And I do that to music that makes you want to bop your head to a beat and catch some good words.”

Bobby Duece said he’s already hard at work creating more music that he hopes to put on a larger project that he’ll try to drop before the end of the year. In the meantime, to listen to his music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

Google: Bobby Duece

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