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Billboard G lets the world take a peek at his life journal with new album ‘Billboard Bound’

LANCASTER, PA – Imir Williams – also known by his stage name Billboard G – is a hip-hop artist from the Northeast who is rapidly on the rise to stardom. Originally from Newark, New Jersey, Billboard G currently resides in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he develops and creates a truly original sound. Reminiscent of Biggie or Shyne, Billboard G has a flow that is intoxicating, and the lyrical content that will keep listeners coming back for more.

His newest release is a full 11-song album called “Billboard Bound.” Essentially functioning as a journal of his life, the album has already been compared to Jay-Z’s “Reasonable Doubt,” and it’s the perfect showcase for the amazing skills Billboard G has as an artist.

“There are all types of songs on there, from party songs to grinding songs to songs about meeting a married woman,” he said. “But it’s not an album that’s all over the place. It all correlates to my life. It’s an album that explores what an average late-20s man would go through. It’s everything that I’ve been going through in my life. I don’t fabricate things. My music is my journal. Whatever I’m going through, that’s what I’m going to write about. You can listen to this album and know immediately who I am.”

One of the main singles off the album, “Dream,” has already passed 150,000 views on his Facebook account, and is starting to gain even more traction along the East Coast. It’s a song about selling his soul to the devil in exchange for superstardom. On a deeper level, it’s a song about chasing dreams and what it takes to make your dreams come true.

Another song, “I Lied,” is more of an introspective track that calls out all the haters from his past and sends a notice to the world that he’s here to stay and he knows who his true friends and family are.

“When I was down and out, nobody answered the phone or helped with money,” he said. “Now that I’m up, everybody wants money or a loan. I’m not picking the phone up. I have no time for these haters and demons. I’m focused, and all I want to do is win.”

Yet another song on the album, “Déjà vu,” is a two-minute freestyle that is straight bars with no hook. He said he chose to put this song on the album because he wanted to show people that he can rap, and that his skills for metaphors match perfectly with his smooth flow.

“Ultimately, I want to be known for authenticity and being real,” Billboard G said. “I want people to have a personal connection with my music. Nowadays, people don’t have any kind of personal connection especially with the music that’s out there today. It’s just music with a beat that you can bop to. I know how to write content and format it and put it into verses and hooks that sound good and become a hit.”

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