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2FRSXT is ready to unleash the Yeti with new EP

YOKOSUKA, JAPAN – Xaviar “2FRXST” Boykins is one of those rare artists whose love for music, technical skill as an instrumentalist and global influences all combine into one unique sound and style that is catching the attention of new fans all over the world.

Currently stationed in Yokosuka, Japan with the U.S. NAVY, 2FRXST is slowly building a body of work during his down time that he hopes to be able to put into a full album that he can release in 2019. It’s part of his long-term plan to slowly build a fan-base over the next three years, so that when he discharges from the NAVY he can hit the ground running with a full-time career in music.

His most recent submission is a single called “Cash Out,” which has received some good attention and quite a few plays on all the digital distribution sites. It’s a song that he said is about “getting the money you need to get and finding the right girl that you can vibe with.”

“It’s really about securing the bag and doing that together,” he said of the song. “It’s about life. Everybody is trying to secure the bag they want with the people they love, and that’s ultimately what this song is about. A lot of my music is about that – vibing with friends. Sometimes that’ll be about drugs or drinking. Sometimes it’s about operating in a state of mind. But it’s almost always about using whatever catalyst you need to in order to find something else that’s awesome.”

2FRXST (which is pronounced “too frost”) said he hopes as more people hear his music and get to know him as an artist, that his reputation will be one of an artist who is known for the big climb and good vibe that he brings.

“I bring a good energy and high quality to something that can be inspirational,” he said. “I just give people really good vibes.”

His journey started as a young boy who always loved listening to music. He eventually learned how to play guitar, and then one day a friend passed him a bass guitar after band practice and said, “Do you want to try this?” Not knowing much about the instrument, he ripped off an E-chord much the same way that he would with his electric guitar … and immediately fell in love with the sound of the bass guitar. He stayed with that instrument ever since, and said to this day much of his music starts with the bass line.

“In that moment when I ripped the E chord it just shook the whole building,” he recalls. “I seriously felt the whole building shake. It was love at first site. I was like, ‘Yeah … I gotta do this.’ And now my style definitely relies on a bass-driven sound. It keeps you guessing from song to song, but it’s all vibe music.”

Riding the waves of success from “Cash Out,” 2FRXST said he’s nearly ready to release a “beat-tape” called “Cool Summer,” which will show off some of his production work and create a fun “summer vibe.” After that he hopes to drop an EP called “Yeti” by the end of the year.

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